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A unique assortment of Custom Animated image generators, Animation editing tools, Image editing tools, and other usefull internet resources. began it's history more than 10 years ago as an offshoot of a simple website designed to host and preserve smileys created by several artists from the IPB forum community. Originally known as WenPigsFly Smileys, the site quickly outgrew the original design in both scope and size. At present our 2 primary websites, and, host more than 40 gigabytes of original content and continue to grow with new applications being added each month. What started as a crude way to combine premade user selected parts into a simple non animated smiley has now become much more than that. Along the way we developed methods of creating animated smileys which in turn led to the creation of software applications allowing users to create and work with all types of animations. Many of the tools I developed for my own use have been published here in the hope that it would make the animation process much easier for everyone. The Gif Resizer, Gif Cropper, Gif Reverser, Gif Assembler, Gif Disassembler, Gif Combiner, and other tools here allow anyone the freedom to create or modify animated gif images without the need to install anything or purchase complicated or expensive commercial software. Although we've seen a terminal decline in the number of visitors at our own forums, and many other websites have just given up and deleted their forums since facebook infected the internet and people forgot how to communicate with each other, we do still get a significant amount of visitors from many parts of Northern and Eastern Europe, Germany, France, Latin America, and other areas outside of the USA and UK. Particularly from users of some very popular gaming and special interest forums. For those users we provide many applications that allow them to personalise and customise animated text messages, animated signs, and animated cartoons of many styles. We even have a very large selection of smileys or other cartoon animations with the animated flags of almost every country or region in the world.. Cows waving flags, evil monkeys with flags, cars and motorcycles with flags, a very cool vacation cabin with any country's flag flying on it's flagpole, it's all here. We even provide automatically updating time and weather reports via some simple graphics that you can use on remote forums. Our menus and index pages can become outdated and disorganised at times and we are always working to correct that but there are always many cool things to discover here. If you are patient and take your time, I'm sure you'll find something here that interests you. Please tell your friends about us and don't forget to come back often to explore this site and play with all of our crazy tools and applications. Thanks for visiting

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